Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bit of a Relapse

You remember those nights we'd spend on the ArtChat until four in the morning?
You remember having sleepovers and genderbending characters from our favorite shows and games?
You remember the MSN chats with the mega crossovers at which we'd laugh so hard?
The zombies of us we doodled?
Your head wings that let you fly on an invisible chair?

I remember all of this.

I finished Soul Eater today. Er, yesterday. The 18th. It was fantastic.
I love character songs.
Kid's voice actor has such a gorgeous voice. <3
Black Star's voice actor(actress, actually) make Black Star out to be an incredible singer. The idea of even vocal power surging from the little powerful Star is...well, it's pure awesome.
Tsubaki has a rich voice. C: Much appreciated.

Soul is hot.
THERE. I said it.
I think a lot has to do with his SULTRY VOICE. >u>
Kid also has muy SULTRY VOICE.
I tend to like the characters with the SULTRY VOICES.
Tsubaki's voice is almost sultry, but she's too YAY to be omghot.
And I'm not so into girls .-.
Romeo had a pretty sultry voice in the recordings in English last year.

MakaxSoul is also good.

Here is Black Star and Tsubaki's song, "My Star" sketch.

I also drew a Liz+Kid+Patty pic, but it's too late to scan. Scanner is noisy and too close to parents' bedroom.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A little scoop of ice cream...

I made these. Long before Tuesday's shopping adventure where we came across a shirt with rainbow cartoon bears. I had, like, a reference for the head, two for the body, and three for the tail. @_@

Tuesday was phenomenal. I don't remember having so much fun. <3
I've missed our little trio. The whole gang is fantastic, but there's nothing quite like a day of just us. C:


I just watched one of the most intense Soul Eater episodes yet, as the series comes to it's climax and close, and what do you know, halfway through, Megavideo screws up and the sounds is late. There was a lot of screaming in that episode too. It blew my mind and messed with my eyes, trying to connect the subs the the sound to the effects to the battle to the action to the characters constantly flying across the screen.
So Marie's eyepatch has to do with the outlet of her "Redemption" soul wavelength...impressive. One of the most destructive weapons, imbued with one of the greatest healing powers.
I love this show. <3


I've been overeating. It makes me feel horrible, but I keep feeling like I need to eat. x_X
I don't know what's going on with me.


I'm not done with my summer reading. I don't know how I can finish the Mark Twain in time. ;_;


I was shocked too. By how eager "friends" were to attack other "friends". But I haven't been around them much. My closer friends aren't like that. It made me wonder how many others in the world are like that. And how many are like you, scarred to thinking that everyone is the same, and there is no kindness anymore.


It's becoming harder to talk to people directly. I'm so used to shutting up inside over the summer. I've talked more than ever, yet have rarely left the house. It's been very unrewarding.
But I'm not feeling quite so depressed as it might sound. Which is also bordering disappointing.
It makes me it's true. That the less I live, the less I feel.

I don't know what to think of that. I usually go by gut-feeling, but as I said, I'm not feeling much of anything.

I want another snack. -_-