Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do you remember when...?

We used to sing,
Shalala lalalala lala ladeeda
Just like that.
Shalala lalalala lala ladeeda
La dee da~



This is the story of a girl
who cried a river and drowned the whole world
While she looked so sad in photographs
I absolutely love her
When she smiles~

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Night Confessions

I admit, I am a hypocrite
Just another human being.
I admit, I am a cynic
I can't believe what I'm not seeing.

I admit, I am a page-ripper
Tear out my memories.
I admit, I am a liar
I encourage kids to dream.

Because, I must admit
to see them lose
it simply breaks my heart.
But it's even worse
to know them, numb,
give up before the start.

I admit, I've done my dreaming
There's not much left for me to do.
I admit, I'm done with chasing
down the wish that won't come true.

But I admit, I never, ever want
the young to stop believing.
I admit, I am a hypocrite
Just another human being.

This poetry thing is quite alarming.
It's like since I destroyed the old diary I found in my nightstand
I tried to take away my past.
And now I have to relive it, to prove this part of me once existed.
This part to which words once flowed
that could never quite capture the feelings I kept.
Rhymes that felt clumsy to the tongue, but that I had to share anyway.
I don't even really like my writing, personally. But I give it to the public in surrender.
Old habits might die hard.
Some things don't die at all.

It might be regrettable. I can't tell right now.
I am so confused.
I don't know what keeps coming over me around the same hour every night.
Maybe if I keep track of these I'll find a pattern.

I didn't mean to sound so egotistical and kind of angsty. I apologize.

Don't worry, guys, I'm still looking up

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When the Ocean comes to play...

The moon & the sun
will have their fun
but run away!
When the Ocean comes to play

The wind may sigh
The clouds may cry
Will no one stay?
When the Ocean comes to play

From the angry deep
The detritus weeps
To recall the day
When the Ocean came to play

Mother, daughter
Brother, father
Have washed away
When the Ocean came to play

Where the waters do keep
souls forever asleep
Those who wanted to stay
When the Ocean came to play

But the moon & the sun
have had their fun
Not even they stay
When the Ocean comes to play

You might not see it.
They might not see it.
But I swear I see it.
You are beautiful.
One day, I pray, you'll understand.

To no one in particular,

P.S. I'm getting into writing again. It feels so wrong, yet so right at the same time.
Wish me luck.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


- hearts are keeping time
- don't have to rhyme
Our bodies
- naturally align
- echoed, amplified
- images collide
- spark, electrified
- circuit of the mind

- hearts are keeping time
- don't have to rhyme
Some things we
- cannot verbalize
[There's nothing
- left of me to find]
When I
- am so lost in your eyes...

This is me
this is me on an empty night.
The music is nothing
means nothing
is empty.
It hasn't stopped;
the time is off;
I need a song
to match me.

This is me
wishing I had Fruity Loops. :P
Or maybe Vocaloid, but I don't know how it works...
I don't know FL either, but I know someone who does...
I kind of really wish he would talk to me...
( I'm feeling...empty tonight )
But he's enjoying himself. So I understand.
I can wait.

Until further notice,