Saturday, September 1, 2012

Deleting everything off my old phone.

Some texts I had saved to remember them:

"Haha, you're not lonely, you have plenty of loving friends"

"MONA. Take NO ONE'S bullshit. Especially when concerning incoming and outgoing trends of music and art."
"MONA. Take NO ONE'S bullshit. Especially your own."
"MONA. Take NO ONE'S bullshit. Especially what the old people in The Villages give you. Such horrible drivers they are."
"Girl we be da cutest couple. That's why you shouldn't even care about that bullshit."

"Notes are nice, poems are sweet, but when I'm with you, my whole world is complete."
"Never forget you're always loved, if not by all, then by me."
"You put the air in my lungs and the beat in my heart."
"I miss you more than anything that has happened in my life. I love you."
"Dreams with you in them are the best I could ever hope for, have a great day."

And this conversation:
Daniel: "Last night I slept with my guitar. We stayed up late making sweet sweet love music. Oh how she loved to be played!"
Me: "Fuck your guitar, I slept alone"
Daniel: "I Love You"

Now I can delete these from my phone, but always remember I am loved. Jon told me something once, so simple and true, I haven't forgotten. "If you surround yourself with friends, you wil never be lonely."
You know, senior year did a lot for me in finding out who and what I am, want, need, and don't need. I grew up, and can't wait for the future, to put what I learned about taking care of myself and those I love to the test.

G2g, time to take on the world, okbaaaii

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